Madison-Koch United

MKU is one of the largest weapon making companies in the world, overshadowing everything, due its broad nature of types of weaponry. Handguns, bolt-action rifles, semi-auto assault rifles, fully automatic squad machine guns, even some lines of recoiless rifles are in production. Every single type of weapon is manufactured on the production lines of MKU, which reveals the massive profit margins the company has.

Founded by Franklin Madison and Harold Koch in the 1960s, Madison-Koch United specialized in aerospace weaponry, from air to air missiles, to gravity guided bombs, technologies that surpassed anything else any arms manufacturor had on the market. Moving into the ground, MKU found a niche selling specialized models of the US military’s M16 service rifle, one that was more reliable in the jungle theatre of Vietnam. Shortly after, MKU eclipsed other companies and became the largest weapon distributor in the world.

Not content with selling weapons to the western world, and organized governments, Franklin Madison formed the idea of selling to various underground group in Third World countries. The groups would then begin a revolution and, usually, supplant the established government, and, as part of the deal, only buy weapons from MKU.

This proved to be a major hindrance, as Maxwell Madison, son of the founder and CEO of the company, was in Israel when one of the groups, this time Palestinians, attacked the son and his fiance, killing her and almost killing him. Needless to say, the rebellion failed due to Maxwell Madison.

Maxwell, soon after, plotted to take down his father and the rest of his corporation, but Franklin, after years of heart problems, died of a heart attack. With the new CEO being the son, and worst enemy of the corporation, MKU went through several new policy changes. Policy changes which angered a lot of people and lightened the wallets of many. Now a major face of peace in the Middle East and Africa, MKU hosts charities and events sponsoring refugees and other things as a result of the wars of the regions.

Madison-Koch United

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