Emerald City Police Department

The ECPD is consists of the finest men and women in Emerald City, at least that’s what the city wants the citizens to believe. In reality, there is a distinct difference between the two major precincts, one in the Glades, and one downtown. In the Glades, due to the major crime rate, the police officers are more grizzled, determined, and fiercer than their more posh uptown counterparts, whereas downtown has to deal with a lot more serious and white collar crime, with only one or two murders a year. Though as of late, the amount of violent crime has doubled in the past year, and is still increasing for as of yet unknown reasons. The Detectives Division, due to their widespread job, bounced between the two precincts and is not contained in one area, which proves a blessing for all of them, and a curse for whatever criminals are out there.

Led by:
- Chief Brian Irons


  • Unassigned members of the police, usually new officers
  • Group that’s trained tactically and resembles more of a military team than a police outfit, they are on standby 24/7
  • Drugs, prostitution, you name it, they investigate it. One of the hardest jobs, and also one of the more dangerous. Lots of undercover work
  • The Detectives unit, this is where the broadest specialty umbrella lies. The Detectives are trained for everything from arson to homicide, with lots in between.

Notable Individuals:
Sgt. Lance
Sgt. Hilton

Emerald City Police Department

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