The Labyrinth in Emerald City

Emerald City Bank Heist
By Mitch Ingram

Late last night, Emerald City found a new hero, aided by an old one at that. Sgt. Lance, a detective with the Emerald City Police Department, informed Emerald City Action News that a criminal by the name of Brick led the heist that carried out $40 million, along with some undisclosed items.

Brick and the new hero, which apparently goes by the name of Blaze, ended up fighting after Blaze was discovered taking out some of the robbers on the second floor of the bank. The two started fighting inside of a glass elevator that runs inside lobby and up to the second floor executive offices. However, that did not last long as Blaze was literally thrown out of the elevator and onto the marble floor of the lobby below.

Eyewitnesses confirm that the new hero was quite strong and fast, landing many blows on the rock hard thief, but the sheer power of Brick’s skin blocked most of the blows from being anything beyond glancing. Some of them even say that they heard Brick speak about wanting more of an audience, and proceeded to throw Blaze through the glass front doors and into one of the marble pillars that support the balcony.

Police confirm much of what happens later, how the ensuing fight forced the destruction of the support pillars, which caused the balcony to collapse on top of the two fighters. Thankfully, the hero managed to dive out of the way, but was overwhelmed by bricks new strategy, using the last pillar as a makeshift sword! Blaze tried to rush the villain, but was swatted away and landed on one of the nearby patrol cars.

Then, out of nowhere one of the city’s previous heroes/vigilantes that have arisen in the past two months, Cryoshot attacked the rocky villain. After going down and helping Blaze up, and creating an ice wall to protect the crowd, the two tried to double team Brick, but both were beaten off, and Blaze was even thrown several blocks away! Cryoshot was beaten severely by the time that Blaze returned but it was too late, as Brick punched the icy hero in the chest while he was on the ground, knocking him unconscious. Shortly afterwards, Brick did the same to the new hero. Using the ice wall as cover, the villain and his crew managed to escape with the money and the undisclosed item.

After the fight, the two unconscious heroes were sent to the hospital in an ambulance, but my sources confirm that the two were never checked in. So where did they go? Police officials would like any information on the whereabouts of the two heroes, and request that if you know anything on them or the man named Brick, you should call 911 right away.

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