Black Arrow


Maxwell Madison. Billionaire, heir apparent to the Madison-Koch United, son of a weapons manufacturer that sold millions of dollars’ worth in arms to developing Third World nations, and superhero.

For years, Maxwell studied the fine politics of the corporate world. Whether that was how to screen potential customers from fake ones, or overseeing the manufacturing process in the foreman’s office of factories stretching across the nation, Maxwell Madison was perfectly suited to take over his father’s company before one day. One fateful day that changed everything.

Madison-Koch United gathered its income primarily by supplying illegal weapons to revolutionaries and rebels in countries far from the media’s prying eye. Why? Because they did not have a surplus of arms already, like most governments do. By giving weapons to these parties at a wholesale price, the company is practically guaranteed future business should they be successful. Ten years ago, they decided to expand their business to that of more “publicly aware” crises in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

When Maxwell went on vacation to Israel with his fiance, much to the insistent pleas of his father, he got caught up in a brand new Revolution, forcing the vehicle he and his wife were in to be hit by an RPG by a dissident. In a sweeping turn of events, Maxwell found himself fighting for his very survival against the revolutionaries of Palestine, being pressed into service by a local by the name of Mohammed Al-Kish, a veteran of the Israeli Special Forces and an avid bow hunter in the African wilderness, along with a Light Recon Force of similar “civilians”, most of whom would be killed.

Trained and developed within two years, and grizzled with another two years fighting the Palestinians, Maxwell Madison went from being the average businessman, to being a lethal machine, designed to be a weapon. And, as he fought for the sanctity of the country, he fought against millions of dollars’ worth of illegal weapons provided by Madison-Koch United. Realizing the war crimes that has stained his family name, he vowed to himself that he would right the wrongs instilled by his family, and would use the training given to him by Mohammed to do this. He would also not just right his father’s wrongs, but that of men like him.

By the end of 2004, Maxwell Madison managed to get aboard a refugee plane heading towards Greece, and from there back to his home town of Emerald City, in the good ol’ US of A. Without missing a beat upon landing, he proceeds to commit himself to quiet study, under the guise of suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to hone his body and mind to defeat his father’s evil empire, and the thousands of people that want to deliver harm to innocent lives.

Unfortunately, shutting himself away, with only Wadsworth, the robotic butler of the Madison estate, proved to no benefit, as his father was killed in a car crash in 2007. In her grief, his mother lost her will to go on, and began to suffer from several psychological disorders, including dementia. She was institutionalized in 2010. Emerging from his solitude with no father, a senile mother, and the weight of an entire corporation to lead, Maxwell now had to disregard his training and life ambitions, and dulling the edge he so carefully sharpened.

Now, after living in the corporate world for three years, he remembered the vows he made to himself, and proceeds to start fulfilling them. Slowly, he progressed the business from supplying violent revolutions and towards supplying the governments of “good” nations. Then, he started a charity to which he contributes millions of dollars to help the refugees of ravaged nations. But at this, he falters. What else is there left to do? How is one man supposed to make a difference?
Answering the question was one of the bosses of MKU, Frederick Lancaster, who planned on supplying weapons to one of the gangs of Emerald City. Military grade hardware against the police was something that maneuverings nor charities could stop. So, Maxwell Madison created a new man. A new weapon. A new life.

Investing millions of dollars into continued training, into a multitude of gadgets, into a wide assortment of technologies, and into the cowl and quiver, Maxwell Madison became the Black Arrow. With the help of his robotic butler Wadsworth, who supplies the logistics portion of his operations along with the manufacture of some of his weapons, Black Arrow is starting his fight against the wrongful deaths that have plagued the world since its creation.

Black Arrow

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